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Toe Pain And Discolored toenails

Posted by Texas Foot Surgeons on Jun 15, 2018 3:34:03 PM

Don't Be Embarrassed By Discolored Toenails.  


Dr. Eric Pack explains, "Discolored toenails ranging from white, yellow, green, brown, black - any color except a healthy, pink nail bed through a translucent nail unit, means you have a medical condition that should be diagnosed and treated.  And the sooner the better. Abnormal looking toenails are usually a symptom of infection, a result of untreated trauma, and sometimes, most serious of all, a melanoma lesion."

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The Remedy For Toe Pain Due To Viral Toenail Infection

Posted by Texas Foot Surgeons on Jun 14, 2018 3:24:41 PM

Treatment For Subungual Verruca - A Wart From Viral Infection Beneath The Toenail.   


Viral infections of the skin and nail are spread through contact.  If you have dry, cracked skin on your feet you can pick it up from a surface that a person with plantar wart infection has walked on with bare feet.  A nail salon with poor sterilization and infection control technique can spread the virus from customer to customer.  It can be picked up that easily.  Without proper treatment it can spread to other areas of your body.

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Topics: Toenail Pain, Toe Pain, Toenail Viral Infection, Toenail Wart

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